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Windows Defender:

We feel unsecure in the real world. To keep us and our family safe, we come up with different strategies according to the situations. So is the virtual world. Nothing is secure permanently in the world of information technology. This is an end to end war between the security providers and the security breaches. It is an ever-ongoing process.

Which is the best antivirus free for my system to keep hackers away? This is the first question; we must not leave unanswered. Different antivirus provides different features. Let’s have a look on free antivirus for windows.

For windows users this question has been bewildering until the hero comes. First in term of Security Essentials and now in the form of Windows Defender.

Windows defender is the best free antivirus software. It comes with windows installations. You need not to install it separately. It is well integrated with windows and Microsoft is the creator of this antivirus. As it is from the same company which provides windows, it is well coded and windows-compatible. It continuously keeps updating whenever you are connected with internet. It is 100% free and user friendly. The most important feature of the windows defender is it does not slow down your operating system. Other free and even paid antivirus are not well integrated with your operating system and slow down your PC, laptop or android. Your PC will keep performing at its original speed with windows defender.

Windows defender is fully automated antivirus. You do not need to turn it on and off. It scans your systems time again to look out what kind of some hidden thief is working right under your nose. All is done automatically. It updates automatically and spares you a lot of time which you spend in security management of your system. It is user friendly too.

It allows the user to manually exclude file types which you are sure enough are safe and sound. For example, any (.exe) file alerts Windows defender if its source is unknown. You may exclude file by their extensions or by their name. Custom quick scan is also available along with scheduled scan.

One of its family features makes it more popular among the windows users. That feature is family control. You can have a better control over your PC for your family and kids. You can control their online activities. You can also be abreast of the devices they use.

How much strong security is promised with windows defender? Well, speaking the truth, windows sample submission feature and consistent updating windows defender makes its protection rate 99.00% to 100%.

Sum up: Windows defender is a free antivirus. It is a part of windows. It does not slow down your system. It is 100% free with full features.

You are safe with this antivirus.