When it comes to protecting your online privacy, IPVanish is one of the best VPN services that are available on the market. This IPVanish review will have a typical structure and include advantages, disadvantages, and overall impression.


Actually, one of the best ways to determine if a particular service is right for you or not is simply to look at its list of features. Some say about IPVanish that it is a “basic layer” service, as it offers what is needed to work with VPN – and nothing extra. It may seem right, but there are some interesting points.

An impressive list of 400 servers that are located in 61 countries opens this category. Those numbers mean that your location will remain hidden, and traffic over the network of distributed VPN connections cannot be traced. Most importantly, IPVanish does not record user data so that every user will remain anonymous.

IPVanish service also offers 256-bit encryption, which is used even in military cases. All servers are distributed, avoiding Google blocking. A possibility to choose a needed protocol can be rather useful for an advanced user, while newcomers have just to know that everything is protected like in Switzerland.

The speed of service was tested a few times and, of course, was not always at the proper level. Sometimes it was too low, which could be related to the local specifics or simple overload of the concrete server. In fact, it can cause the corresponding inconvenience to those users who like watching a lot of streams or conduct them themselves. Even though IPVanish has all the features needed for perfect bandwidth, one can meet some struggles during the work with this software.

This service offers unlimited speed and P2P traffic, which is vital for using torrent anonymously. Despite the fact that many users regard this as a minimum standard of VPN service quality, but lack of servers in some locations or technical issues is still taking place in the changing world of VPNs.

In addition, this service works well on different platforms. Among the essential instances are:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Routers
  • Chromebooks
  • Windows-based smartphones

Accordingly, whatever device is in your hands; this service is likely to work fine on it. In fact, you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. And it will be useful for everyone who has several gadgets that need to be connected to the Internet – that is, practically for everyone.


However, this service is not a perfect one. Among the primary difficulties that users can face is an issue related to media software. Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, and some others try to avoid free usage with VPNs, and this struggle seems to have a long continuation in the nearest future. However, one can ask about media possibilities before buying the app to avoid problems as the situation can change in every moment.

Another drawback can be significant for users, as IPVanish has limited possibilities for feedback. There is no live chat, but there are many categories in the knowledge base. Actually, it depends on client preferences, but comprehensive service needs vaster support options.

Overall Impression

One important aspect was not mentioned in either group, and it is pricing. We believe that this is a totally personal decision, where IPVanish looks like a quite average market proposition. Of course, highlighted drawbacks can be vital for some kind of users, but general reliability makes this product a competitive one.

For those, who missed all the text above we gathered primary features that are definitive for IPVanish:

  • Dedicated applications for all platforms
  • Logs are not maintained
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Huge list of 59 countries
  • Distributed VPN connections that make the traffic untraceable
  • Many protocols to choose from
  • Quite weak support options
  • Struggles with media platforms
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